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HAFM provides complete primary care for the whole family
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All services below are available for Direct Primary Care Members and Patients Utilizing Insurance

Family Medicine

We provide family medicine services including well visits, sick visits, physicals from birth to end of life.

School / Sport Physicals

We see children and adults alike for required sports, school and work physicals!

Preventive Care

To attempt to avoid becoming ill, we provide preventive care including well visits, physicals, vaccinations, lifestyle modification counseling focusing on diet, exercise, sleep and stress management.

Well Baby / Child Exams

Following the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule we see children of all ages throughout their childhood!

Women’s Health / Exams

Routine yearly exam including PAP testing and hormone replacement. (We do not provide bioidentical hormone replacement therapy)

Chronic Disease

We are able to manage most chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroid, hypertension, high cholesterol, and many other chronic illnesses.

DOT Physicals

We have 2 providers qualified to perform the required Department of Transportation periodic physical exam (cash pay only as insurance doesn’t cover. DPC members receive FREE DOT physical exam)

Minor Office procedures

We offer in-office cryotherapy, skin lesion removal and biopsy, minor suturing, suture removal, and some joint injections. Please ask if we are able before scheduling any procedure!


We recommend and offer most routine vaccinations for both children and adults.

Acute Care

* Upper and lower respiratory illness
* Headache
* Joint and muscle ache and pains
* Sprains and Strains
* Simple Lacerations

Phone and Tele-Health Visits

We are able to see patients via phone and video chat (Zoom) for many acute issues, medication refills, follow-up visits, and other routine care. We will always move a visit to an in-office exam if it is medically necessary!

What Sets Us Apart

We Know You. We Care For You. We’re With You.

Healing Arts Family Medicine has a longstanding tradition of getting to know our patients on a personal level.  The bonds formed with Northern Colorado families span over 4 decades and continue to grow every day.  We take pride in our ability to partner with our patients, taking a team approach to preventing disease, treating the whole patient and being there through times of good health, unfortunate events, new beginnings and end of life.

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