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Healing Arts Family Medicine

**We are now offering virtual and phone visits.

   "The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it." - Mamonides

HEARTS Treatment Program


Healing Arts Recovery and Treatment Services

In addition to providing complete medical care for you and your family, Healing Arts offers a unique and comprehensive outpatient program to treat Addiction. Our initial evaluations can create a strategy to help treat your addiction utilizing a wide range of interventions - from nutrition and counseling to medication and appropriate referrals. Our program is anchored by the philosophy that each individual needs a recovery plan tailored to their own needs, not just their addiction. Let us help you or your loved one find life-long recovery from Addiction. Services include:

-Integrated Medical and Natural Treatment Approaches

-Individual Therapy / Group Therapy

-Medication - Assisted Treatment (MAT)

                          -Suboxone™ Evaluation for Opiate Dependence*

                          -Other Medications offerred include Campral™, Naltrexone, and Antabuse™

                          -Smoking Cessation (Buproprion, Chantix™)

-Substance Use Disorder Assessments

-Psychiatric / Pain Specialty referrals as needed

-16-week Outpatient Program and After Care Program for Opiate Dependence / Abuse*

-Nutritional Services

-Urine Toxicology Services

*Must meet criteria for Suboxone™ Maintenance program - short term detoxification, short term maintenance, or long term maintenance options based on individual evaluation

Call 970 - 669 - 2849 and ask for a Substance Abuse Evaluation Today - Ask for Sarah

Jeremy Dubin, D.O., ABAM - Medical Director

Dr. Dubin lectures and teaches regularly on the field of Addiction Medicine. As a family physician and addiction medical specialist at the Healing Arts Family Medicine Clinic, he pursues effective healing strategies that proactively confront the challenges of addiction; helping to create long term solutions through evidence-based comprehensive treatment plans that address the complex physical, biochemical, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual challenges that are often observed with addiction.

In 2006, Dr. Dubin started one of the first outpatient treatment centers in the country that incorporated holistic integrative strategies with conventional medical therapies, incorporating integrated tracks for patients with co-occurring chronic pain and / or psychiatric conditions. His philosophy speaks to an audience that has found long-lasting recovery elusive, a medical system fragmented, and real answers demanding an integrative and holistic approach; these principles are based on the 3 core components and A-Z guide for long term recovery stressed in Dr. Dubin’s book, The User’s Guide to Not Using – An Expert Guide to Recovery from Addiction.

Dr. Dubin is a triple board certified Physician

Board Certified – American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) – ABAM Diplomate (American Board of Addiction Medicine)

Board Certified – Family Medicine (ACOFP)

Board Certified – American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM)

Current Professional Affiliations:

  • · Assistant Clinical Professor – University of Colorado School of Medicine – Department of Family Medicine
  • · Assistant Professor / Clinical Adjunct Faculty – Rocky Vista University, College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • · Past Member of the Opiate Treatment Advisory Committee – Colorado Department of Health Services / Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (CDHS / ADAD)

Donna Goldstrom , LPC, LAC, MEd - Clinical Director

Donna uses a client centered approach to help individuals discover their own strengths and achieve their goals. She works with mental health issues as well as substance abuse issues. She has worked in a variety of settings including medical practices, mental health residential, and substance abuse outpatient facilities since acquiring her degree from Kent State University in 1995. Donna sees her role as a voice to help clients realize their own strengths, using cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, and motivational interviewing techniques.

As clinical director of HE.A.R.T.S, Donna plays an integral role in assessment and treatment of all patients. She provides individual and group therapy tailored to an individual's needs, not just their diagnosis. For patients utilizing medically assisted treatment for opiate abuse and dependency, Donna provides an environment where clients can learn from their peers as well as from the educational topics of group. These philosophies are centered on evidence based therapies that support relapse prevention, identification of co-occurring disorders, and validate the important role family plays in overall recovery. 

Donna's holistic approach reflect the philosophy of Healing Arts Family Medicine as a whole, where she also offers individual, couples, and family counseling.


What is HEARTS?

Hearts or Healing Arts Recovery & Treatment Services is an outpatient program designed

to assist people in treating addiction. The program is run within the Healing Arts Family

Medicine clinic.

Where do I start?

Any individuals interested in being evaluated for admission to HEARTS begin with an initial

assessment with our Clinical Director, Donna Goldstrom. Often, this is followed by a

medical assessment from our addiction medicine certified team, headed by Dr. Dubin. Call

Sarah at 970-669-2849 to get on the schedule for an initial assessment.

Does HEARTS take insurance?

At present, our medical component takes most insurances. Our behavioral component,

which includes the initial assessment, and any ongoing group or individual counseling, is

fee for service, with payment expected at the time of service. A superbill that outlines ALL of

the behavioral services rendered will be provided to you which you can then submit to your

insurance company for possible reimbursement. We do NOT take Medicaid at this time.

Can I get medicines without counseling?

Yes and no. All individuals would need to start with an initial assessment with our Clinical

Director where a behavioral track is individualized and tailored to the person's needs. If a

medical evaluation is recommended it is possible that medication can be prescribed without

behavioral requirements. The only exception to this is if an individual is receiving controlled

substances, such as Buprenorphine (Suboxone, Zubsolv, etc.), and is in the MAT

(Medication Assisted Treatment) track at HEARTS. These individuals will be required to

participate in some sort of behavioral component at the very least monthly. The details of

these commitments are made on a case by case basis by the HEARTS team. If MAT is

being provided, ongoing medication prescribing is contingent on participation in the

behavioral program.

Can I keep my present counselor and still get my Suboxone from HEARTS?

Yes. The initial assessment with our Clinical Director would still be needed, but as long as

our clinical staff is able to verify your ongoing counseling with an outside counselor, the only

behavioral requirement would be a 'check-in' with our Clinical Director every 90 days for 30

minutes. If you stopped going to your outside counselor or it could not be verified, you

would have to participate in HEARTS behavioral programming to continue to receive your


Can I just get counseling from HEARTS and not see the doctor?

Yes. You would start with the initial assessment with our Clinical Director who would help

you create an individualized behavioral program that may or may not include a medical


How much counseling do I have to participate in?

That will be decided by our clinical team after your assessment with our Clinical Director. It

could be as much as twice a week to as little as once a month.

How often do I have to be seen to get medication?

That will be determined throughout your treatment by our clinical team. Usually

appointments are monthly (after induction for patients being prescribed Buprenorphine) but

could be less or more frequent than that.

When can I schedule?

Our medical office is open Mon-Fri 9-5. Our behavioral services are offered Mondays 8am-

8pm and Wednesdays 3:30pm-7pm. Contact Sarah at 970-669-2849 to secure a spot for your initial assessment