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DPC Questions

DPC or Direct Primary Care is a membership model patients use to pay for their primary care.  DPC members pay a single monthly fee, directly to their primary care office which gives them an unrestricted number of visits with their primary care provider, after hours access to their provider via electronic communication, discounted in-office dispensed generic prescriptions, and discounted lab work and imaging services.  There are no co-pays or deductibles.  Insurance is not used to pay for services in a Direct Primary Care.

  • Unrestricted access to your primary care provider for well visits, sick visits, physicals, minor procedures, and any other typical primary care visits
  • Access to discounted, generic medications dispensed directly in-office so no need to go to the pharmacy after your visit in some instances
  • Access to discounted imaging, pathology and other ancillary services
  • 30-60 minutes same or next day appointments
  • After-hours communication with your provider via phone, text, and email

No.  Nor does this take the place of health insurance should you become severely ill or injured.  However, it is guaranteed access for primary care for a low monthly cost.  We do recommend our members to keep an insurance plan or join a health share plan for catastrophes.  

Yes.  We strongly encourage using our Direct Primary Care option as we believe it forges a more direct and personal relationship with your provider at Healing Arts.  However, while having amazing access to primary care at Healing Arts is awesome, it can’t provide emergency care, hospitalization or speciality care that can be very expensive if having to pay out of pocket.

Yes!  We do require a re-enrollment fee prior to re starting the use of services!

We advise that you ask your accountant or health benefits provider at your employer about this!

Your monthly membership fee covers most office procedures including joint injection, simple mole removal, wart removal, suturing of simple lacerations, EKG, and yearly basic labs.  This is not an extensive list and as we grow we will make sure you know what is covered and what is extra!  

We carry and dispense many commonly used medications right in the office.  We can buy wholesale at highly discounted prices and pass those savings on to you.  This saves you money as well as a trip to the pharmacy.  We aren’t able to carry every medication, so if we do need or you prefer a prescription we will work with you to find the best price out there!

We stock many different generic medications ranging from hypertension to diabetes to antibiotics and more.  We are often able to charge 50-90% less than what you would pay using cash at most local pharmacies.  And if we find a cheaper price for the same medication elsewhere, we’ll send along a prescription! 

  • We have negotiated pricing with Quest for labwork and local imaging centers for x ray, CT scans, MRI, Ultrasound etc…
    • CBC – $4
    • A1C – $4
    • TSH – $4
    • Cholesterol panel $5
    • X ray $60
    • CT scan starts at $300
    • MRI starts at $400

Contact our office or email us if you are an employer or business owner and would like to discuss DPC as a health benefit for your company or employees!

Practice Questions

Yes!  Healing Arts still accepts Medicare Advantage Plans

At this time we are no longer requiring masks to be worn for well visits or any visits that are not centered around respiratory illness symptoms.  If you prefer to wear a mask you are welcome to and we have them available.  If you have had possible contact with Covid or any other respiratory illness or are currently experiencing upper or lower respiratory symptoms, we ask that you wear a mask on arrival to the office.

Yes!  If you are unable to choose the provider from the biographies on the Provider page, please call the office to speak to staff about which provider may be the best fit for you!

No we are not.  The medical providers at Healing Arts have over 50 years of combined experience in traditional western allopathic medicine.  We take pride in working alongside our patients as partners in their health, often making lifestyle and dietary recommendations before prescribing medications.  We are open to helping our patients utilize supplements, herbals and other integrative therapies as well.

While we are not open after 5pm or on weekends, our Direct Primary Care members have 24 / 7 access to a medical provider via text/email/phone and video chat.  A medical provider is on call 24 hours a day , 7 days a week for all patients who belong to Healing Arts.

Please start by reaching out to your pharmacy and ask them to submit a request to us electronically.  You may also send us a request within your Elation Passport portal.  All prescription requests may take up to 72 business hours to be filled.

No.  We are not an obstetrics office.  We can see our established patients who are pregnant for non-pregnancy related issues, but we are unable to provide obstetric care.

While in general we as a practice follow the CDC guidelines recommending routine pediatric and adult vaccines, each patient is different and you will be able to discuss specific recommendations with your primary care provider.

In most cases, you will need a scheduled appointment to speak with your provider.  Please call the office or use the Elation Passport Portal to request an appointment or leave a message for your provider – if you do not receive a response, please call the office to speak with a staff member. 

We recommend all patients see their primary care provider at least once a year for an extensive well exam and physical.  We typically, if age-appropriate, collect blood work at this exam and go over all routine screening recommendations.

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